At Rigby’s, we like to offer our clients a wide variety of excursions and Mini Breaks. Our mini breaks vary depending on the season and events around the country. Offering a range between three and eight day breaks, as well as our popular themed breaks.

Click on any of the dates below for a full itinerary of the each break. Mini Breaks can be booked through our various booking agents, find them here, or by contacting us via the contact page

Mini Breaks For 2018 (Requires Adobe acrobat reader. Download HERE if required)

1: May 18th -St Annes - 4 Days

2: August 10th - Llandudno - 4 Days

3: September 28th St Annes - 4 Days

5: December 16th - St Annes - 5 Days

4: November 26th - Scarborough - 5 Days